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"Ye have read, ye have heard, ye have thought," he said,

"and the tale is yet to run: "By the worth of the body

that once ye had, give answer - "what ha' ye done?"

Rudyard Kipling





James (Harry Manson) Moore (b.1929, Saltash, Cornwall, UK). Educated Dundee High School, Natal, South Africa and Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Sandwich, Kent, UK. After National Service in the Royal Air Force served 30 years in Admiralty, retiring in 1980. Though childless he might claim a spiritual progeny; he never married. Consolations: sunsets, cats, poetry, correspondence, reading. His individuality is reflected in his memoir [see Books module].


As a writer, James Moore’s reputation principally relies on his lifelong interest in the Greco-Armenian holistic teacher George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866-1949). In this context, various independent Websites, including Wikipedia, currently volunteer information about Moore. Some such posted data is accurate but some inaccurate or, at best, partial: none has been checked with the subject. By contrast, this website (although couched in the third person) has been compiled by Moore himself. The text is thus an attempt at ‘subjective objectivity’ and  constitutes an autobiographical footnote, valedictory in temper. Although protected under UK and international copyright law, it may be freely reproduced or posted elsewhere on condition firstly that its source be attributed, and secondly that the text be differentiated from comment upon it.


Moore’s long relationship with the Gurdjieff ‘Work’ [see Gurdjieffian Trajectory module] has been essentially experiential and ‘existential’. Nevertheless, from 1975 onward he played an increasing role in Gurdjieffian apologetics, making discreet contributions in the fields of historical research, bibliography, encyclopaedism, and authorship. Their reprise on this site is not intended to aggrandise Moore but to provide relative newcomers to the Gurdjieffian field some signposts to pertinent articles, books, broadcasts, films etc. [hyperlinks are provided and ISBNs cited]; and to afford historians, sociologists, and academic students a glimpse into aspirations, harmonies and discords which dominated the Gurdjieff Work’s diaspora in the second half of the 20th century.



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